Thursday, November 17, 2011

update continued more!

(yeah, I'm pretty much good with a slight variation of the same title for all of these updates)

So Josy made this sign! She wanted to put it on the front porch each time we had a showing for our house. It probably would have worked!

Ethan lost a tooth! The experience was a little dramatic because Eth wasn't ready for Scott to pull it out of his face but Scott just did it anyway and there was a little blood and a few tears. (ok a lot of tears, it was Ethan!) Kirsten was very worried about the whole thing and I loved her affection toward her big bro. Scott made it all better when he started telling Ethan that his milk was cool blood milk from his mouth bleeding so much. Ethan got a huge kick out of that and started re-telling the blood milk joke for some laughs. (its strawberry milk in case you were worried)

Our kitchen with the new expanded wall. Our now covered orange rock wall. (i love orange so we are now landscaping with the rocks from the walls.) We also enjoy a orange rock fire pit outside.

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