Thursday, November 17, 2011


Aunt Tay, Alana and I. Taylor gave Alana that pretty outfit and bow so we are just showing it off a bit.
Josy and Ethan had a considerably long phase of posting signs on their bedroom doors to warn incomers of their room rules. This one is one of our favorites. Josy says for all boys to stop... except of course Reid. Reid is a boy who is her friend too! ( we still miss them it's been a long time!)

Josy had such a fun baptismal date on 1-1-11! Isn't that just fun? It is a joyful feeling to watch your child chose to become a member of your faith. I love teaching my kids the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I am thankful for the Holy Ghost which testifies to anyone willing to know truth that the gospel is alive and well! It was a really wonderful day. One of my favorite comments from Josy was, "mom my face hurts from smiling so much."

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Britt said...

I love the Reid sign! SOOOO Cute! We haven't forgotten any of you. The other day, when we were making Peanut Butter and Honey sandwiches, Jane started talking about Bev's Bees and honey. I couldn't believe she remembered! Love you!!!