Thursday, November 17, 2011

Catching Up continued!

New Year Eve has become a bit of a traditional celebration at our house the last few years. It just so happens to be a good time to travel across the snow covered Rockys for my family! Ringing in 2011 was especially special because Joslyn was baptised that day. More of that to come.
More pictures of the house in progress. Chris Clyde is the man! He builds stuff, so we asked make our house really pretty and he said yes! Works out.

Every Christmas morning the kids have to wait for Bama Janny and Papa DAve to arrive before running down the stairs to see what SAnta brought. It is a fun and agonizing tradition we hold dear. They arrive in their robes and slippers.

I can't believe Blaize and Alana are one already. It was just two seconds ago they were little bundles on chub in Josy and Ethans arms! Love it.

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