Thursday, November 17, 2011

I think I'll blog a year at a time!

It has been about a year! I love life and think blogging is cool but...

So here are some pictures to catch me up on this last year. We are about ready to go home to blessed Orderville and have our 2nd annual Turkey Top Shot, 3rd annual Turkey Trot, 1st annual Turkey Games for kids, and 1003rd annual Turkey Tournament! It is the best time ever! It's hard to beat Thanksgiving in O-ville. Now about these pictures:
Last Christmas we had a party at Dave and Janets with Sams family and did the Christmas story. Blaze was our baby Jesus so that was special.
Next our house right after we bought it. It is completely different now so this pictures is fun to look back on. The remodel is very much loved by all.
Next picture was last halloween 1010! My kids were heart broken because I told them we might not make the halloween party because I can't rely on them to clean up their toys after they play with them. It was a pretty big bad evening and very memorable. I of course way overreacted. The poor kids were in the middle of being sad and I had to have my halloween picture of their costumes. We did go to the party but not before I scarred them for life.
The Turkey Tournament. Need I say more? Just look at those amazing wonderful athletes. Tim Tebow has go nothin on the men in those jerseys!
Turkey Top Shot. My mom taking aim. I look forward to competing this year and trying to take home the famous hat the DeAnna so beautifully cross stitches!!!
Now I'm going to go get more pictures to post. This is sorta fun. I am in a good mood because sweetie pie Tim Tebow just beat the Jets. Go Broncos!

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