Thursday, March 29, 2012

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Family Vaca!

Family Vacation was really great in SD. We also celebrated our ten year anniversary.

Ethan turns 7! We had a birthday party with friends for him for the first time. It was easy as pie and really fun to have it on a wednesday after school at C.C. We had the whole place to ourselves. yeah! He had a great time and it was nice to see the parents of so many of his friends. Ethan is a very sweet big brother. He really attends to the needs of his baby sisters the best in the family. He is so loving and gentle and kind. He has a big body and huge heart.

The picture of the hands with warts is worth posting for information. We burn them off ourselves! It's way better than going to the doctor or using over the counter medicine. Call me if you want more info. It's is fun! I love burning off warts. My little brother Jerry is the original witch doctor in this field, but I am his apprentice. I'm good too!

Remodel Coming Along

Chris Clyde really knows his stuff. This was a really big project and it turned out great. I like documenting the progress on this year of blogging catch up. It was a big deal in our lives last year. We bought the house December 2010 and we moved in the end of May 2011.

Jacque's Bread!

My mom's bread deserves a blog post for sure. She the kind of bread maker that no recipe can do justice. I tried to just watch and follow along as she made this batch of bread. Look how my first step turned out! The dark brown mess is my version of her beautiful bowl on the left! I just thought that was so funny and sadly telling.

I make bread. I grind my own wheat and make it fresh all the time, but i still use a recipe and it's nothing like my moms. My mom makes bread for all who pass by her house. She takes it to friends. It is her gift and excuse to visit the sick and lonely. She is a wonderful bread maker and a very gracious wonderful person. When I make bread I keep it! Usually because it's not that great but also because that was a lot of work and I want it. I have a long way to go to be more like my mom. I hope I live a really, really, really, long time!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Girls!
Loving up the neighbors horses.

Me in my potato sack dress.

A really great pic of Kasen having to share grandma with his other cousins. That was so dang cute and funny. He was devastated to let grandam go to his Colorado cousins.

Josy wasn't too thrilled about leaving Idaho. She was worried about "Brownie." The brown mutt dog that the neighbors let run free. Josy adopted him while where were there and was pretty worried to leave her dog. So sweet.

idaho aunt jana

Kasen was NOT happy to say good-bye to grandma. ...He was fine with us leaving!

I love this picture of Kirsten blocking the faces of the attention stealers. She as never the jealous type but still. They are attentions stealers!

I am strangely proud of this muddy picture of Josy. That's my girl!

Stuffed animals are so dead. I just would rather enjoy alive animals. I am surprisingly yucked out by hunting and guns. (although I am starting to warm up to target shooting for sport and I will probably end up being the one who bags the biggest buck in my family) So I'm not too yucked out I guess. Just inexperienced because I'm the forgotten middle child who just was kind of there. I'm really not bitter, just didn't get taken hunting much by my dad.

That potato museum has really yummy cartons of hashbrowns. We still have one left that I am saving for a special occasion. I should probably stop saving weird things for special occasions though. Tonight I cooked with some way over expired soup mix
that did fatal damage to my chicken and rice dish. I guess I was saving that mix for a special occasion instead of using it when I planned my monthly meal calendar about 3 years ago. (I don't really plan my meals for the month! I'm lucky if its planned for the week on special occasion weeks!!!)

WOW, were did that blogginess come from?