Thursday, November 17, 2011

idaho aunt jana

Kasen was NOT happy to say good-bye to grandma. ...He was fine with us leaving!

I love this picture of Kirsten blocking the faces of the attention stealers. She as never the jealous type but still. They are attentions stealers!

I am strangely proud of this muddy picture of Josy. That's my girl!

Stuffed animals are so dead. I just would rather enjoy alive animals. I am surprisingly yucked out by hunting and guns. (although I am starting to warm up to target shooting for sport and I will probably end up being the one who bags the biggest buck in my family) So I'm not too yucked out I guess. Just inexperienced because I'm the forgotten middle child who just was kind of there. I'm really not bitter, just didn't get taken hunting much by my dad.

That potato museum has really yummy cartons of hashbrowns. We still have one left that I am saving for a special occasion. I should probably stop saving weird things for special occasions though. Tonight I cooked with some way over expired soup mix
that did fatal damage to my chicken and rice dish. I guess I was saving that mix for a special occasion instead of using it when I planned my monthly meal calendar about 3 years ago. (I don't really plan my meals for the month! I'm lucky if its planned for the week on special occasion weeks!!!)

WOW, were did that blogginess come from?

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