Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jacque's Bread!

My mom's bread deserves a blog post for sure. She the kind of bread maker that no recipe can do justice. I tried to just watch and follow along as she made this batch of bread. Look how my first step turned out! The dark brown mess is my version of her beautiful bowl on the left! I just thought that was so funny and sadly telling.

I make bread. I grind my own wheat and make it fresh all the time, but i still use a recipe and it's nothing like my moms. My mom makes bread for all who pass by her house. She takes it to friends. It is her gift and excuse to visit the sick and lonely. She is a wonderful bread maker and a very gracious wonderful person. When I make bread I keep it! Usually because it's not that great but also because that was a lot of work and I want it. I have a long way to go to be more like my mom. I hope I live a really, really, really, long time!

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Michelle said...

Bev, that post was sweet........but pure torture!!!! You even had to post a picture of the mouth watering bread!! Man I love your mom's bread! Pretty sure that it's the best bread I've ever eaten. Probably because it is made by one of the best people I know! I just love your mom!