Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Girls!
Loving up the neighbors horses.

Me in my potato sack dress.

A really great pic of Kasen having to share grandma with his other cousins. That was so dang cute and funny. He was devastated to let grandam go to his Colorado cousins.

Josy wasn't too thrilled about leaving Idaho. She was worried about "Brownie." The brown mutt dog that the neighbors let run free. Josy adopted him while where were there and was pretty worried to leave her dog. So sweet.


Lisa said...

You did blog a whole years worth. I have checked you blog a couple times but hadn't seen anything new for awhile but a lot of people just are not blogging like they used to. Great pictures and thanks for the comment on my blog. Funny how I got more emotional reading the comments than writing the post. Can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving! :)

Lisa said...

your blog, not you blog. :)