Friday, June 11, 2010

Tell them about me

Grandma Wanda,
My grandmother passed away May 15, 2010. It's not an unusual thing for me to go to a funeral and feel it is a happy occasion. I felt the same way when my sweet grandma Sorensen passed. I believe they are happy, and reuniting with loved one long missed. My favorite memory of my grandma happened while visiting her in her nursing home room. She was looking at a picture of her husband and she said "isn't he handsome, I miss him." She also drew me close in to her and sweetly and intently told me she loves my children and asked me to tell them about her. I promised I would and I have. These are some memories of Grandma Wanda.

One of my earliest memories is out at the ranch when I thought the cows were going to stampeed us, she comforted me.
One of my favorit memories is my speical b-day with grandma. When I was 10 0r 11, I can't remember for sure how old, Just grandma and I went to st. george and grandma bought me an outfit that I picked out on my very own. She didn't discourage me (althought she probably should have becuase I have a picture of me in it and it is quite hideous. At least beverly will be happy to know it was all pink with pandabears on it. (maybe that is way I dislike pink.) Anyway she just loved me and told me how precious I was to her. Some of my other favorite memories of grandma are
1. Vitamn C
2. canned cherries
3. sitting at the table visiting over what ever was on the table
4. The tree house
5. Christmas at grandmas ( socks and underware)
6. Reading histories in her chair in the corner
7. Helping her clean her house
8. Sleeping over when I worked in kanab late
9. Grandmas kisses and Bless your heart
10. Salsa and cheese at new years
11. The cubord. You all know what I'm talking about
12. The big steel ball game.
13. How grandmas house smelled and felt
(DeAnna Dana')

My earliest were with Grandma and how she would love to go to McDonalds and get her a diet coke, and when I was with her, she would buy me an ice cream, then we would just go for a drive a little out of town toward lake Powell, and then turn around and come home.
1. Working for Grandma, and she would always pay me at least 2 dollars.
2. Green cups
3. Vitamin C
4. Scriptures on Tape
5. Going to buy groceries with Grandma and her old bluish/grayish car
6. The Tree House
7. The swing outside
8. The BIG pillow we always wanted for movies that was Grandpas I think
9. Definately Christmas time going over to visit and getting socks, then when she hit the big bucks we got 20 dollars:)
10. Her hair was always done up very nice
11. NEVER using the front door and never knocking, just walking in...knocking on the counter as we saw her in her chair yelling out who it was
12. OH...sleeping over at her house, in the spare room across from the bathroom, there was a mirror with flowers around it on the wall, and everytime I slept over it would SCARE the crap out of me and she would always come and take it down and comfort me til I fell back asleep. It always lookedl like scary monkeys from the Wizard of Oz.
13. Kisses on the lips
14. I LOVE YOU's
15. Her game cupboard
16. Her shelves with all her grandkids and kids on it
17. My favorite picture of her and Grandpa at the temple together, then all her kids and their families in that big black picture frame that had white lace around it
18. Bacon made in the microwave and frozen waffles for breakfast...nobody made it better than GRANDMA!!!!
19. The only time I can remember being at the ranch, and sitting on a cactus, her helping mom pull the needles out of my bare bum, while Aunt Susan held the blanket to cover me:)
20. HUGS, and how LOVED she made me feel. Like I was the most Precious thing in the whole world!!! Oh how I love her kisses on the lips!
OH and how she thinks that we are the best singers in the whole wide world.
One of the last times I went to visit her, she asked me to sing her a song...So I sang her Families can be Together forever...she tried to sing along, then told me how beautiful that was:) Going to visit her and everytime never fail, she would tell me how great MY Mother and how much she loves her! She never let me forget how important LOVE and family is. Oh, how I love that woman!!!
Wait..I forgot one...HER HUGE magnifying glass and going to get the mail:)
( Jana Claudia)

How Great! I agree!
I loved sleeping over at her house.
Her breakfast of eggs and bacon and she made mickey mouse pancakes with warm syrup.
Snacking in her kitchen. Nuts/Chips/
Vitiman C
Playing Cards with her.
Her calling me precious.
The way she really wanted us to make a tape of our singing so she could listen to us other than
Christmas time.
Playing at Mandee's and watching Kerry Don mow her lawn for her.
Her tomatoes growing in her window.
Getting a present from her at Christmas. She loved our visits.
The annual cousin Christmas party and gift exchange and talent show. That was so fun.
Glover picnics in the sands.
One time we went and hiked in some caves where treasure was supposed to be. I thought my dad was
going to find the treasure.
Getting our pictures taken with Grandpa Glover before he died.
I loved staying with Grandma when Jerry was in the hospital getting his heart surgery. I was loving life, I
got to be pampered by grandma and then eat ice-cream push-ups with dad in his classroom.
She is a wonderful grandma and I is really nice to think about our memories of her.

Just a few to begin with:

I remember being her sweetheart. She was always kind and gentle. She loved brushing my hair, and moving the bangs out of my face so she could see my "beautiful eyes". She would hold my hand and we would sit on her bed and talk about all her fun jewelry... She would help me try them on and model them in her mirror. She would always say, "what a beautiful girl you are Linda, You remember that." I always have remembered that my grandmother thought I was beautiful. She loved to show me her perfume too. Oh the fun smells we would make as we picked rose petals, and made them into beautiful "perfumed" balls to string on necklaces and bracelets. Most everyone would be in the garden, or outside doing something "fun", but Grandma loved to make things with me inside and never made me go and help, I could help her in the kitchen, or take a rest in the
bedroom. She would make sure that it was quiet, and there was NO light coming in to distract me. She would bring me an extra pillow, and a blanket "just in case", and she'd lay it at the bottom, covering my feet. She did this for me even as an adult when I'd drop by on my way back from Vegas, or some other trip.

Grandma always told me not to worry about getting married, that I was a very special girl, and someday a very special boy would find me, that I would be priceless to him. We would sit in the back room (this is after Grandpa had passed away) and listen to books on tape, and I'd rub her feet.

Grandma would always comfort me because she knew that I was scared of the dogs at the ranch. She was with me when I found the biggest, most beautiful spearhead I had ever seen. We were just walking along and there it was.

RUMMY : I swear she knew a way to cheat to win. It was fun to play with her.

New Years Eve at Grandmas were some of the funnest I had in high school. :)

Food, Food, and more Food : everything but those Danged beets , well, and the occasional parsnip. :)

She had the best sweet pickles too.
Nights of watching the adults play pinocle.
The steel ball game ... I so could get the highest score.


I have so many great memories of horse racing days. I loved the pictures, the family, the races, the sounds, the cousins, the stands, the food, and the race itself. Oh ya, and then there we all those horses too...

Days of playing in the basement making dances to Kami's new favorite music. Grandma would fix us snacks, and remind us to be careful with the "stuff" downstairs. We would have to eventually get something out of the storage and bring it up.

I know we were all loved, but I'm pretty sure I was her favorite. "_) I remember most about Grandma was her love, her happiness, her devotion to her family, her sweetness when I walked in the door. Her hugs and kisses, her ability to tell me how much she loved and appreciated me as her granddaughter. It brought a smile to my face to drive up to her house because I knew the my Grandma would be there with a hug, a kiss, words of encouragement, and a vitamin C to make my day a little brighter.

I'm already tearing up, so I'll write more when I have made better list. (Linda)

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