Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Big Man Ethan

Ethan is now six years old! I love it when he turns a year older because people never believe he is "only 2, 3, 4, 5!" Now he is six and his stature is still unbelievable. He is a sensitive soul. He reminds me of my brother Jerry, my dad, and myself in the tender heart area. He is a good boy. He loves his friends and birthday presents. His favorite foods include steak, chicken, pizza, and bacon! He also loves veggies and everything else I feed him, except tomatoes. He is loves to snuggle and read books together. He knows dinosaurs! He also loves wii video games. He plays the piano every single day. He never tires of trying to figure out how to play new songs and working on his piano lessons. He likes baseball and plays with the ball that he got at the Rockies game often. He is almost 80 pounds and I am not sure how tall he is. He wears size 8 boys clothes. His shoe is size 3. He has lost one tooth and has another loose one right now. He likes to play "superpowers". His very favorite super power is "every power in the world." (which makes Josy mad every time and she then refused to play "superpowers" and Ethan just doesn't get why!) He is one great kid and I am very happy to be his mom. Ethan is loved.

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