Saturday, April 18, 2009

We love to go to Orderville.  I Love Love Love it there.  I could live there and have no problem with the fact that we don't have stop lights, stores, or "things to do."  I adore my roots.  I want very much for my kids to love it there too, and they do.  One of my little silly fears is that they will be "city kids" who can't get past the fact that there is no toys r us in Orderville to have fun there.  When we go there we always get to ride "Goldie" Colman's horse.  We love Goldie and his albino friend!  So thanks Colman, Jason and Kalee for allowing us to come visit and ride Goldie.  It is a highlight of our visit every time.  

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Britt said...

This makes me excited to move to a small town. If we have to. :(