Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some reasons I love that my brother Jerry got married to Casey last friday...
it was so beautiful. 
They will be very happy. 
All of our family was together
we had a lot of fun. 
Bert took his brother in laws out to shoot his gun. 
They loved it.

We had a really fun Easter. 
We colored eggs, 
Had a egg hunt, and went and rolled them.
A family from DC area stopped and watched our egg rolling. 
Then they judged who had the best trail. 
Tate won according to them. 
I voted for Jerry and Casey.
They lost points for bringing a shovel, pipes and a hoe. 
I thought it was smart!

We hiked to the "V"
WE jumped on the tramp
Pop Up camping
The smell of Home
the people at home
watching Ethan and Josy dance with Scott
David singing, toasting, being dorky with Tate
Jana and DeAnna's diet! (admiration) 
Jerry's smile watching Casey walk toward him at the wedding
Josy and Chloe bff
cousins hiking up the red hills in their white dresses!
Burt, Bobby babysitting, happy meals.
Now wanting to leave.
Loving to be back in Fort Collins.
Live is not always great but it is always joyful even in sadness.
that makes sense to me.
(I don't like to be distracted by grammer, punctuation, spelling etc.)  

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