Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wrong Turn--- come to Colorado

My little sister and I.  

Jana is so much fun and I am posting this to try and remind her how much fun we have when we are together.  So next time you want to take an eight hour trip choose ME.  Forget about that wonderful little town with all the great little cousins and grandma and grandpa.  I get too homesick when you and everyone else go home without me!  Thanks for telling me that you are all just having a horrible time though.
Come to Colorado.


Char said...

Hey thanks for leavin' me a note. My neighbor's brother is married to your sis Jana. Crazy huh? I live in Wyoming. Brrrrr!!!!

Jana said...

Oh, that makes me sad a little that I didn't go there! But I promise next time I want to just "go"...I will go there! We do have lots of fun together! I do miss you! And love you! This Char lady must know Wendy....That is crazy and cool!!
Love you, Jana

Jodie said...

Hi bev it is mckay selph. i miss u and scotty so much. i am glad to see your kids are so cute. Our blogspot is