Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thanks sissy

So I still don't like this but somehow do it anyway.  Like pregnancy I guess.  It's like I want to be a part of the bloggy crowd but it's not who I really am.  I like my cousin Devin and Kari's blog and thanks to John Denver they will always at least think of Colorado.  I hope to have them living here someday.  
Thanks to Jana for making my blog more cute and less plain.  Although if I actually made my own blog it would look, well plain and not managed kinda like my hair.  
I just finished ironing my cutie pie Scotties shirts and he is going to think I am so great when he notices after work tonight.  
Now I am listening to Josy, Ethan and their friend T play a version they made up of pictionary.  It is adorable.  Well until I just had to take away the magnadoodle because they started fighting over it.  (that is funny how that adorable thing was so fleeting.)  Now Josy is in her room and Ethan and T are hangin out in the living room.  Ethan is telling her what to do, totally oblivious to the fact that T is much older and wiser and probably doesn't have much interest in being a flying dinosaur.  T is so so sweet though.  
I read this quote on Kara's blog the other day and have thought of it more than once.  It goes something like this... "Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am right in the middle of everything I ever wanted."  That's a good one.  
I am getting to that point of just wanting to hide for the next couple weeks then months to have this baby and recover and somehow be in shape and fab before I know it.  
oh well whatever.  Being such a jock my whole life, for me makes "letting myself go" way too easy.  

Now I am going to look for a picture to post too.  Ahhh Blogging.

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