Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ethan turns 7! We had a birthday party with friends for him for the first time. It was easy as pie and really fun to have it on a wednesday after school at C.C. We had the whole place to ourselves. yeah! He had a great time and it was nice to see the parents of so many of his friends. Ethan is a very sweet big brother. He really attends to the needs of his baby sisters the best in the family. He is so loving and gentle and kind. He has a big body and huge heart.

The picture of the hands with warts is worth posting for information. We burn them off ourselves! It's way better than going to the doctor or using over the counter medicine. Call me if you want more info. It's is fun! I love burning off warts. My little brother Jerry is the original witch doctor in this field, but I am his apprentice. I'm good too!

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Casey said...

Don't ask Chloe her opinion on Jerry's wart burning skills, I think she is traumatized for life! haha jk, but really she would way rather go to the doctor I think. I love your updates it's so fun to read more about your family! Love you