Friday, June 11, 2010

Hometown Proud

I love my hometown! I love taking my kids there and watching them enjoy the beauty and simplicity. I hope my kids always like to be there and always have an appreciation for it's charm. I never remember being unsatisfied with my little place on earth.

This last trip was eventful.
Had a get together with friends at aunt Brits and uncle DJ's. We stripped a lot of wall paper and painted 3 different rooms. We played with cousins and explored. We rode ATV's and hiked.
They "sneaked". I ate homemade bread. Kimber caught lizards for everyone to enjoy. We rode horses, milked cows, made cheese, ate dutch babies and enjoyed old friends. (Thanks Dustin and Harmony) We visited graves of family members. We went swimming, played on the trampoline, had water fights, blew bubbles, hugged grandparents, ate at Soup Town, arranged wedding events, met new sister, and got to tell a lot of people about Jana peeing on Linda's porch! Ahhh GOOD Times!

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Lisa said...

I'm proud too! It's a great place!