Saturday, February 20, 2010


It is a real honor to know and be great friends with Jessie, Eddie, Tiana and Dash. Eddie has been gone for a year serving in Iraq. I can't believe he is home. It was so long, but so short now that it is over. A lot of things happen in a year when you have little kids.
Jess is such a sweet, strong, and composed person through hard times. (I cried more than her over this).
I get a bit tired of Scott's long hours at work sometimes but of course it is hard to complain while my best buddies man is at war!
Now that he is back, I can get down to really feeling sorry for myself again!
It is truly a blessing to be a citizen of this great nation. It is a blessing to have a family, a hardworking husband, a great husband, the gospel of Jesus Christ, friends, a warm home, etc.

Look I just blogged again!

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