Tuesday, January 5, 2010

30 Years YOUNG!

I still can't stand blogging, but I like it! Whatever.
I am going to attempt to update just for fun because it is not even 8:00pm and my loves are in bed. Triumph!
So I can't even believe my birthday this year. I must give a big thanks to Jess. She is a really really good friend and she really made the bulk of the awesomeness of my birthday happen.

I was planning a great night at "Wicked" for my birthday for months in advance. The big night arrived and we were at dinner with Britt, all the others when in walked Britny and Jana. They surprised me with the help of Jess for my birthday. It was the best ever... EVER!

I still can't believe how great that was and it has been months. Thanks guys.
We had a great time...
see this is why I don't like blogging. I don't like the writing part.

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JillEE said...

You all look beautiful! And i love it when you blog.