Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The first week of October 2009 we went on our first official "family vacation."
Flew to California
Arrived really late at Mark and Laura's
Opened gifts from our wonderful hosts
Started eating giant disneyland lollipops in the middle of the night.
Went to sleep.
Watched conference.
Went to the beach.
Ate the best taco's EVER.
Enjoyed chatting with Laura in the van with Kirsten, while Josy managed to fill her bathing suit to the tip top with sand.
Went to sleep after looking through some of fabulous Laura's design magazines.
Woke up really excited to go to Disneyland
WEnt to disneyland.
Rode Snow White first and Ethan cried. "it was too scary"
Rode Peter Pan together and everyone loved it.
Rode lots of other rides and enjoyed the great food and entertainment.
Frontier land singing man sang a song to Kirsten and she was in a trance.
Laura joined us at Disneland.
We rode more rides including Ethan's favorite the submarine Nemo ride.
Went home and drove through In N out! Yum but so Yuck at midnight!
Breakfast on the Beach. (to die for french toast)
The kids LOVE the beach.
We loved our vacation.

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McCleary Family Fun said...

I'm wishing we were there with you guys. Someday!!! Joslyn and Ethan are wonderful. They look so grown up. They should come visit me.