Thursday, August 27, 2009

Finally checked that hike off my list! "The Narrows" was a great hike. It was fun, beautiful, difficult, and a good bonding experience with Jana, Tate, Burt, DeAnna and Jeremy's random friend from school! It was long and I am going to remember to not do that again from top to bottom. It was one of those things I just needed to do at least once in my life a lot like running my marathon a few years back. I grew up only a few miles from this world famous hike and I always was a bit ashamed I never had gone through them. Now I can say, been there, done that, loved it!
Thanks Sisters especially for coming a long. I just love you guys.


Britt said...

I love it!!! Now it's on my life list.

Dani said...

So my feet are feeling better but I don't have any pictures to prove it so will you post some. Next hike needs to be the subway.