Friday, April 3, 2009


We just returned from Scott's Grandpa Hansen's funeral on Tuesday.  I didn't know my own grandpa's, I was too young when they died.  I am so lucky to have Grandpa Alan.  He had a great spirit about him.  He made you feel like you were special to him.  When speaking with him I always felt like he was very interested in my life and my family.  
He was a great example of love.  He was very funny, charming, and all around wonderful.  
I will miss him.  I am happy he is no longer suffering in this life and is now enjoying some "fishing."  


Carrie Ross said...

I have missed Grandma and Grandpa Hansen so much, and I am sorry to hear that Alan passed away. Please give my love to Janet.
I miss you so much! I can't believe how big Joslyn and Ethan are! They are darling and so is your new little girl. XOXO Carrie

Britt said...

Bev & Scott,
I'm sorry-- eventhough he's undoubtedly happy and in a better place, it's still hard to lose people we love.
We missed you and are glad you're back. :)

Cando said...

Well Bev, now that we are family, I must be seeing some new posts. I need to keep up on you and your darling family!