Saturday, January 31, 2009

My new Post

I am happy to report that I am blogging again.  I admit I blog like I diet.  
I love love love my fellow bloggers though.  It is so much fun to see their fun times.  So here is what I did today.  
At 9 I went to a church b-ball game.  Church basketball is so much fun to me now.  (the first time I played I cried in the car after the game)  I just couldn't get that lady wearing penny loafers out of my brain and I missed basketball terribly.  So it is all good now and we won.  Linda made a basket and I jumped up and down like a cheerleader (who just had a baby 2 month ago) and hugged her.  Ahhh church basketball. 
Then me and the kiddies had lunch together.  I made them grilled cheese and apple sauce and cottage cheese.  Ethan, thanked me very sincerely.  He said, "Mom, I love you more than anything."  He is always full of very heartfelt love.  Often he will take my face in his hands and make sure I am looking into his eyes to tell me sweet things.  After lunch we practiced writing.  I had not planned this amazing activity.  Josy was just writing a list of things she wanted to do today and it turned into writing lessons for Ethan too.  Josy list said this...
"rid my bike
 go to gramas
 pla poly pokits
 skreem my head off outsid for fun."
Then she skips to the last thing on her list.  That is Josy in a nutshell.  She loves to be goofy as can be.  Her middle name is Janet and it is so fitting.  Grandma Janet is the biggest goof I know. They both have the best laughs and best smiles.  If I am having a bad day she will tell me to come over and she'll help me just "snap out of it."  
Now I am running out of steam for the rest of the day and I think it is because it is one of those days that I loved but I look around at the end of it and see that not much is accomplished to speak of.  I was a mom today.  I had some great teaching moments about being honest and how choosing the right is the way we all can be way happy.  
It is 10 pm now and Scott is watching a fight at someone's house.  I can't stand that stuff.  I think it is so sad and I want to cry when I see clips.  
Ok It is official
I totally posted a blog post and I thank my cousin Candi for the inspiration.
by the way,  thanks Britt for the great heart/feet pictures.  You are a gem of a person and a priceless friend.  


Dani said...

awesome bev, I love you all oh yea why am I not on the people you follow list.

longnecker said...

Bev - I love your blog and can I say that the picture on your header of josey is SOOOO you. You guys are like twins, I swear that is how I remember you when I first met you! I love you!

Emily said...

Cute blog post! You are such a great awesome mom!

Britt said...

I love you and am inspired by you! Even if you try to tell me that you don't have patience with your kids sometimes, I can hardly believe it.