Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We went to a random football game.  Poudre and some mustang team.  Poudre worked their opponents over and we had a great time eating our take out and nachos.  It was cute to observe Scott try to explain the game to Ethan.  
I had a great time for two reasons, we were making a new adventure, and hey I love football and being outside.  That was three reasons.  


Emily Ortiz said...

Wow Bev what I good post! We even got to see a picture with it. High school football games are fun. Thanks for sharing! :)

laurdacooj said...

yea!!! I didn't even recognize your page...! Ethan & Josy are so so cute!!! WHERE IS YOUR BELLY???? how come we play phone tag so so much? Why haven't you come to visit me yet? Why do I love you and admire you so? Why do I have bad breath right now? Why? Why? Why? Some questions for you to think about tonight...nighty night!